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Sports Nutrition Supplements

There is no denying that nutrition is a great part of the athletic performance. The athletes, along with their exercise schedule are also very conscious about the food they intake, and every food consumed by the athletes has a direct impact on their athletic abilities and performance.

The practice of using supplements as a part of nutrition to boost their performance is trending among athletes. However, the matter of supplements needs to be handled with care after developing proper understanding of supplements, their composition, and availability.


There are many kinds of supplements available in the market. Every supplement has its own specific purpose; therefore, the use of any supplement may vary from athlete to athlete. The key nutrients that are a part of most supplements available in the market are given below.

  • Protein is the most important nutrient found in most supplements. The proteins perform the function of amino acid synthesis, which results in tissue repair and muscle-building.
  • Most sports supplements also contain creatine, a nutrient known for increasing the strength and endurance of the athletes. Therefore, the athletes playing sports that require great strength and endurance look for supplements that contain creatine.
  • Vitamins are another nutritional ingredient of sports supplements. They help the body in various ways, where each different kind of vitamin provides its specific benefit.
  • Caffeine is another common ingredient of most sports supplements available in the market. Caffeine performs the function of giving energy boost to the athletes. Most of the sports drinks contain caffeine. Sugar in the form of sucrose when combined with caffeine helps the athletes in instant rehydrating of the body.

Common Supplements

On the basis of their constituents, there are many types of supplements available in the market. The most common supplements available in the market are discussed below.

  • Protein Supplements–Due to their muscle-building and tissue repair quality, protein supplements are the most easily available and most commonly used supplements available in the market. Athletes of any sport use protein supplements, as after training the muscles break and to repair them proteins are required. Whey protein is the best supplement in this regard.
  • Carbohydrates–Athletes who need instant energy after a game that depletes their energy stores, use carbohydrate-based supplements. Carbohydrate supplements provide instant energy to the body.

Availability of Supplements

The nutritional and protein supplements are easily available in the market. You can buy them buy visiting any supplement store or by ordering them on-line. However, no matter what supplement you wish to buy, consult your physician or doctor before buying it. Your doctor would be the better person to advise you on the use of any particular supplement based on its ingredients. There can be the case of you being allergic to some ingredients or some ingredient may be hindering your performance.

In short, supplements have become an integral part of the nutrition plan of athletes. Different supplements help athletes to achieve greater performance and stay at the top of their game for long.

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