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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Diet and Weight Loss Efforts

Losing weight may become a losing battle if you don’t get the basics right. It’s pretty obvious that you have to watch what you eat but trust me, that’s not all. Let me let you into a little secret: there are a few ‘healthy’ foods that can completely ruin your weight loss diet plan.

Keep away from cheese and dress your salad with natural flavors

Most people would be surprised by the fact that salads can actually be your undoing when it comes to weight loss and wellness. Come to think of it: how many people do you see making their salads tasty by dressing it with mayonnaise or sprinkling lots of salt and other preservatives? If you must take salad, make sure you dress it with olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice or garlic instead of mayonnaise or salt. Most store-bought dressings are full of fake and fatty stuff. That’s why it tastes so good, right? Packages of ranch dressing or thick blue cheese can add hundreds of calories to your salad, with little to no nutritional benefit.

Making your own dressing allows you to control just exactly what’s in the salad you’re eating. If the dressing you usually make includes fatty ingredients like mayonnaise, substitute them. A good substitute for mayonnaise in dressing is sour cream—it’s better for you, and it’s got a great flavor too.

Cheese is a milk product that’s an excellent source of proteins and calcium. As much as dietitians recommend lots of protein for people on a weight loss program, cheese is not a good choice. This is due to the reason that it’s full of fat. That doesn’t mean you can’t have cheese, but treat it like a snack or an accessory to a meal. Don’t eat cheese and crackers or grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch or a snack. In moderation cheese is fine, but if you think about it as a healthy food, you’ll probably have too much. Low fat cheeses are good, especially feta.

Say no to muffins and fruit juices or drinks

A large number of people on fitness programs assume that muffins are a healthy option but they are absolutely wrong. Muffins are loaded with sugar and refined flour, essentially cupcakes without the icing, and they’re rarely more healthy than that. There are alternative types of muffins you can try in moderation though, like flax seed or multi-grain. Don’t buy anything with chocolate or flavor-swirls: they’re usually artificial and extra sugary.

Muffins with nuts and fruit can be a good source of fiber, but still only eat them in occasionally.

Health experts emphasize on the importance of eating raw fruits and they do so for good reason. Take the case of fruit juices; once the fruit is converted, it loses a lot of minerals and vitamins which are replaced with sugar preservatives and fructose corn syrup. Actually fruit-juices served are usually made of fruit pulp instead of fresh fruit. The worst of this lot is fruit cocktail drinks. They look like regular juice and the packaging is often deceiving. Always double check to see if a juice says “cocktail” because that means it’s full of sugars and artificial flavors.

Your best bet with juice is a 100%-fruit juice that specifically says on the label that there is nothing added. This will only contain natural sugars but you can cut that down by watering the drink down. That will help it to last longer also. The body needs fiber and the best way to get it is by eating fresh fruit, but if you can’t a totally-natural juice is okay sometimes.

If you are keen enough, you will notice that the foods are not harmful; it’s how you take them that matters.

About the author: Jacob Thrister is a health expert and an avid blogger. He is studying for a Masters degree in Healthcare, specifically focusing on rare cancers like mesothelioma.

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  • Losing weight can be achieved by utilizing the right techniques. You need to change your eating habits. If you are exercising regularly, but eat too many calories, it will lead to weight gain. So, avoid eating junk food and oily food and start eating low-calorie food.

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